Grant Process Frequently Asked Questions

1) I am a GW member and I am also heavily involved with another non-profit organization. May I recommend this organization for funding or are there conflict of interest limitations?

GIVING WoMN has NO conflict of interest limitations when members nominate organizations for funding. We know that we are an organization of women who are likely already involved with philanthropy and our community. Members are welcome to nominate any of their “favorite” qualified organizations.

2) Why are only “small” or “tier 2” organizations allowed to apply for an operating fund grant?

GIVING WoMN wants to “feel” the impact of our pooled grants on the community. This is one of the reasons that members choose to join…to pool our funds and make a greater impact together. As a result, for larger organizations, we ask that they propose a specific project for us to consider funding. Because we can feel and measure our impact of either operating funds or project funds with a smaller organization, those organizations can apply for either.

3) How are members involved in the grant making process?

Members are actively involved in the grant making process in 2 ways: a) Only member nominated organizations are candidates for grants. Members nominate organizations at the beginning of our grant process and then the Letter of Inquiry process begins. See separate “Grantee Nomination Guidelines” document. b) Members VOTE to rank our grantee finalists at the end of the grant cycle. Which potential grantees are funded and HOW MUCH they are funded is determined based on the member votes.

4) How will I as a member know about whether my nominated organization is progressing through the grants process?

The evaluation details during our grants process are kept confidential within the Grants Committee. Members are updated as to which organizations are progressing through the stages of the grants process in our newsletter.

5) How can I become more involved in the Grants Process?

The Grants Committee is formed each year shortly before the start of the Grants Process. We welcome all interested members to volunteer to be part of this committee. Absolutely no experience is required. Members are encouraged to learn about our potential grantees and how we evaluate them! To date our committee size has been able to accommodate all members who have wanted to be part of this process.

revised 8-2017


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