Grant-Making Steps and Calendar

How to Nominate Your Favorite Twin Cities Non-Profit for a GIVING WoMN Grant:

Grants Process Overview and Calendar Grants Process Steps

  1. Members recommend potential community grantees
  2. Letter of Inquiry requests are sent to qualified grantee candidates
  3. Letters of Inquiries are received.
  4. Our Grants Committee reviews and evaluates organizations for fit with LOI Criteria
  5. Organizations which best fit our criteria are invited to submit a Full Grant Proposal.
  6. When Full Grant Proposals are received the Grants Committee conduct organizational due diligence, conducts site visits, and thoroughly evaluates each full grant proposal.
  7. The Grants Committee develops a ballot of the organizations and projects for our annual member voting ballot. The organizations and projects on the annual ballot are chosen based on their overall best fit vs. other candidates considering all GIVING WoMN criteria and evaluations throughout the grants process.
  8. Members vote for the organizations that they want to see funded by ranking the organizations and projects that are on the ballot.
  9. Top vote getting organizations/projects receive grants based on the organizational size and the relative number of member votes.

Grants Process Calendar

May – June– Members recommend potential grantee organizations

August – Evaluate organizations for eligibility and Letter of Inquiry (LOI) requests

September – Letter of Inquiry(LOI)  receipt and evaluation

September-October – Full Grant Proposals requested and received

October-December – Full Grant Proposal Evaluation, Due Diligence, and Ballot Preparation

January-February – Members Vote for final Grantees

February – Funds Distributed to Grantees


Our 2022 Nominees!

Click on the links below to learn more about our 2022 nominees and how they plan to use their GIVING WoMN grant funds:

Ziggy’s Art Bus

Second Harvest Heartland

Loaves and Fishes

Avenues for Youth

Baby’s Space


My Very Own Bed

NorthPoint Health and Wellness

Prosperity Ready


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