Full Grant Proposal Application Requirements

GIVING WoMN (GW) Full Grant Proposal Application Form

1. Cover letter

2. Organization Information

  • History
  • Mission and goals
  • Population served
  • Brief description of current activities or programs, including any service statistics and strengths or accomplishments
  • Brief description of key staff, including qualifications relevant to your proposal
  • Brief description of the role/ use of volunteers in your organization
  • Alliances/ partnerships in the community and with government agencies (if any)
  • Confirmation that the organization is a 501(c) (3) public charity

3. Purpose of the Grant Proposal:

General Operating proposals (only available to organizations under $2 Million in annual revenue)—complete Part A.

Project, Program, or Capacity Building proposals—complete Part B.

Part A – General Operating proposals:

  1. The opportunity, challenges, issues or need currently facing your organization
  2. Overall goal(s) of the organization which GW funds will support
  3. Objectives or ways in which you will meet the goal(s)
  4. Activities and who will carry out these activities.
  5. Impact GW funding will have (include impact within 7 County Twin Cities Metro) 6. How the proposal fits with GW funding interests
  6. Long-term funding strategies

Part B – Project, Program, Capacity Building proposals:

  1. The situation, problem, need and the population that your proposal addresses.
  2. Overall goal(s) regarding the situation
  3. Objectives or ways you will meet the goal(s)
  4. Specific activities for which you are seeking funding
  5. Who will carry out the activities?
  6. Time frame
  7. Impact GW funding will have (include impact within 7 County Twin Cities Metro) 8. How the proposal fits with GW funding interests
  8. Long term funding plans for sustaining the effort (if applicable)

4. Evaluation Plan

  • Describe your criteria for success.
  • How will the success of the proposal be measured/evaluated?
  • Who will be involved in the measurement/evaluation?

Required Documents to Accompany the Application Form

  1. Addendum 1: Organization and Financial Overview (enclosed with this application, 3 pages), including comments and explanations for material changes and variations.
  2. Recent financial statement, audited if available, including a balance sheet, a statement of activities (or statement of income and expenses) and functional expenses. Please include explanatory narrative, as necessary to enhance understanding.
  3. Organization budget for current year, including income and expenses. Please include explanatory narrative, if desired.
  4. Project budget, including income and expenses (NOT required for a general operating proposal). Please include explanatory narrative, if desired.
  5. An electronic copy of your current IRS 501(c) (3) tax-exempt letter or evidence of government agency status under IRS 170(c).
  6. Latest annual report if available electronically or on website.


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