Member Involvement

GIVING WoMN has many opportunities for members to help our organization throughout the year!

While members can choose to join the donation pool without any requirement for other involvement, you can be as involved as you like to be.  Here are opportunities for members to get involved:

  1. Nominate an organization for a grant (May-June each year)
  2. Vote for grant recipients (via electronic ballot each January)
  3. Grants Team (August – February each year)
  4. Engage and Educate Team (Various times for events and membership activities throughout the year)
  5. Ad-hoc assistance at an event during the year
  6. Serve on the Board of Directors (2 year terms – renewable.  Team Co-Chairs have staggered terms)
  7. Assist the communications team

Board of Directors

Each Director serves a 2 year term that is renewable.  We try to have co-chair positions stagger when their terms begin so that each year there is continuity and overlap with an experienced “co-chair”.  We welcome any member to self-nominate for the Board.  Repeat Board terms by individuals are generally because we do not have volunteers.  So, even if you just have a little time, some positions are not heavily time intensive and we would love to have you join the Board.

For a summary description of all Board positions CLICK HERE

The GIVING WoMN Board members for May 2021 – June 2022 are:

  • President  – Mary Weber
  • Vice President – Lorri Anderson
  • Treasurer – Diane Slayton
  • Secretary – Maren Weber
  • Grants Chair – Maureen Monchamp
  • Grants Chair – Jana Deach
  • Engage and Educate Chair – Jody O’Neil
  • Communications Chair -Sharon Secor
  • Communications Chair – Roseanne Cheng


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