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DSC_0033GIVING WoMN is a collective giving organization comprised of Twin Cities women dedicated to improving our community by supporting local non-profit organizations providing important social services.  As of March, 2020, those grants delivered since 2006 total over $1.6 million dollars.  We offer women the opportunity to engage in a collaborative style of philanthropy by pooling resources to award grants to nonprofits providing service in the areas of education, health and human services. GIVING WoMN also hosts educational events about issues facing our community and further educates about philanthropy by engaging members in our rigorous grant application and evaluation process. For more about how giving circles positively impact our communities, visit www.whatisagivingcircle.com.


The purpose of GIVING WoMN is to nurture women’s leadership in philanthropy by engaging and educating our members, increasing charitable contributions and strengthening our community through the impact of collective giving.


GIVING WoMN members contribute $1000 to the annual grant pool and 100% is disbursed each year. Members also contribute $100 for operational costs of running our organization. Grants usually range from a minimum of $10,000 to $35,000.

The members of the Grants Team are stewards of the funds pooled from member contributions.

GIVING WoMN Grants go to organizations nominated by members.

We welcome new members at any time during the year. CLICK HERE to for more information about our new member handbook.

Here is our grant-making cycle:

  1. GIVING WoMN Members Nominate qualified non-profits organizations
  2. Those Non-Profits are invited to submit 2 page Letter of Inquiry
  3. LOIs are ranked using established GIVING WoMN Criteria
  4. A subset of nominated organizations are invited to submit a Full Grant Proposal
  5. Full Grant Proposals are evaluated and ranked using established GIVING WoMN criteria
  6. Top organizations are placed on ballot with summaries of proposals.
  7. All members vote for grant recipients.  Membership-wide vote/ranking determines recipients and relative amount of grants.
  8. Grant recipients discuss their grant supported programs at the GIVING WoMN Annual meeting.
  9. Nominations by members open again for the following grant cycle….and the cycle starts again.

Throughout this cycle, GIVING WoMN holds different educational events and gatherings. We also require reports back from past grant recipients approximately one- two years after a grant is given. We use some of our events as venues for these reports back from the non-profits we have supported.

GIVING WoMN is led by an elected volunteer board made up of members who serve as President, Treasurer and Secretary, as well as co-chairs for our three operating teams – Engage and Educate Team, Grants Team, and Communications Team.


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