Vote for Officers and Bylaws by May 10th

GIVING WoMN 2020/2021 Slate of Officers and Bylaws

Please vote to ratify our new slate of officers and Bylaw changes. Please do so by May 10, 2020! We need 50% of our members to participate to make this official. 

The active membership annually elects and ratifies the GIVING WoMN Board positions to manage the affairs of our organization. Following are the new nominations each serving 2 years beginning with the 2020/2021 grant year:

  • Diane Slayton – Treasurer
  • Jana Deach – Grants Co-Chair

Our officers include the following board members who will continue to serve for the next year: Mary Weber – President, Susan Dowd – Vice President, Lorri Anderson – Secretary, Maureen Monchamp – Grants Co-Chair, Kaari Miller – Engage and Educate Co-Chair, Jody O’Neil – Engage and Educate Co-Chair, Tiffany Anderson – Communications Co-Chair, and Roseanne Cheng – Communications Co-Chair.

Click here for information about each of our officers

We have defined a new type of voluntary contribution, as described more fully in the President’s letter, to be used fully to issue grants in extraordinary circumstances without a member vote. Additional updates to the Bylaws include allowing board members to serve a maximum of five consecutive terms and designating both committee co-chairs as members of the Board of Directors where each will have a full vote.

Click here for a PDF of the draft Bylaws

As we all know, we are run by volunteers and we appreciate each of these candidates who have volunteered to be nominated as a Board member to help run our organization! It is important that 50% of members ratify our Board slate by May 10, 2020 so thanks in advance for your help!

Please click here for the voting link

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Mary Weber at 


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